‘Le Besoin d’être mal-armé’: Creating and Teaching Multilingually

“ ‘Le Besoin d’être mal-armé’: Creating and Teaching Multilingually”
Organizer: Art Babayants
Contact e-mail: Art Babayants (Art.Babayants@uregina.ca).

Call for participants
Open deadline

Workshop Description
In this workshop, mono-, bi- and multi-lingual participants will be invited to co-create dramaturgical material through experimenting with and in various languages: verbal and non-verbal, spoken or written, known and unknown, living or dead. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the concepts of multilingual dramaturgy and pedagogy. Both concepts imply resistance to immediate translation, challenge the hegemony of dominant languages and attempt to create multi-layered meanings intended for multilingual and multicultural communities: theatre creators, critics, and audiences. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own stories, monologues, poems, improvisation exercises or any other genres (in any of the languages they speak or are currently learning) as the basis for further devising.

The workshop will be based on Art Babayants’ current research exploring how multilingual performers and audiences experience multilingual dramaturgy. Additionally, it will introduce how current research in Applied Linguistics can be relevant to teaching theatre disciplines, specifically acting.

Call for Participants
Mono-, bi- and multilingual theatre practitioners, instructors and artist-scholars interested in exploring the potentialities of stage multilingualism are invited to participate in this 90 minute workshop and brainstorming session. The workshop will be particularly interesting to those involved in teaching acting, voice, dramaturgy, directing as well as those who would like to challenge the dominance of the English language in Canadian theatre and Canadian theatre education. Potential participants are invited to submit a short paragraph describing their linguistic competences as well as explaining their interest in the workshop. .

Please note that all participants must join or renew their CATR memberships to participate in the workshop.

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