Scenography Working Group
Call for papers:

“Spaces of, for, and with Production”
18 January, 2019

This year, the Scenography Working Group (SWG) invites scholars, artists, and theatre educators to examine space in production, for production, and with production. Space, here, is understood broadly as an active agent in artistic production. It can be a physical space, a virtual space, and any space beyond and in-between. Questions participants might explore under this topic include:

  • How does space perform during the act of theatre-making?
  • How does space shape artistic processes and products?
  • What are the relationships between spaces of creation and the identity of artists?
  • How does space impact the audience’s reception (intellectual, emotional, sensorial)?
  • How do scenographic practices work with space?
  • What language and methodologies exist and are being developed to explore the relationships between space and performance in the Canadian context?

Participants will submit working papers of between 2500 and 3000 words that explore the relationships between space, scenography, and the scenographic, which will be circulated among SWG members prior to our meeting in June. Participants are encouraged to approach their topic through a case-study.

The organizers of the working group will assign a reading to all participants, asking them to make connections between their contributions and the ideas, practices, and theories discussed in the reading. An initial 500-word response to this required reading will be posted to our SWG blog to stimulate the conversation and develop ideas for the working paper. The first 500 words of each working paper should engage with this reading. All contributions will be posted to a secure website in advance of the conference for viewing by participants and registrants. We will assign respondents to each, and will organize the session on series of related research questions. While observers are welcome, our meeting will be focused on discussions and provocations developed from these working papers.

SWG wishes to generate year-round exchanges between theatre academics and theatre designers. We encourage established and emerging scholars, as well as artists in various stages of their career to submit contributions to this year’s meeting. The area of research is not restricted to a particular time or place.

Proposals are due January 18th 2019. Please send initial proposals of no more than 250-words along with a brief biography of 50 words, to Attn Dr. Natalie Rewa, Dr. Jacquey Taucar, and Dr. Gabrielle Houle.

Please note that all participants who are accepted into the group must become members of CATR before the conference. You can join CATR at the following website:

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