Navigating the Hyphen: Artist-Scholar Roundtable on Improving Integrated Methodologies (and Pedagogies) of Scholarly and Artistic Practice

“Navigating the Hyphen: Artist-Scholar Roundtable on Improving Integrated Methodologies (and Pedagogies) of Scholarly and Artistic Practice”
Organizers:  Seika Boye, Sasha Kovacs and Shelley Liebembuk
Contact e-mail: Shelley Liebembuk (

Call for participation
Deadline: 31 January, 2019

This roundtable invites a conversation amongst artist-scholars, on how their scholarly and creative practice inform and effect each other, and how this relationality, in turn, applies to their teaching practice. It hopes to critically query existing working models, revise and even resist certain modes of integrated practice, and jointly elaborate on future innovations and actionable steps towards more generative ways to work in/around/across this hyphen, within the bounds of an academic institution.

Issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • How do you define/delimit/describe your artistic-scholarly practice?
  • What are its key features, challenges, discoveries? Have these shifted over time?
  • Does the directionality of the process of methodological integration—that is, from artistic to scholarly versus scholarly to artistic—alter the terms of the work?
  • How does your integrated methodology translate to your pedagogy? (Across
    ‘academic’, ‘practical’, and integrated curricula; and the shifts in these delineations)
  • What are your investments in differentiating between artistic and scholarly work?
  • What are the limits to this integrative practice, as exacted by positioning within an academic institution; as a means to receive support, funding, tenure?
  • How does the value afforded the artist-scholar outside of academic institutions (i.e., galleries, museums, administrative and advocacy jobs) influence one’s role within them?


  1. Submit a brief bio and statement of intent to Shelley Liebembuk at, by 31 January, 2019.
  2. Once selected, submit a response to the session’s issues. These responses are open in form (i.e. short papers; Pecha Kucha-style presentations; art works with short descriptions; performative lectures; etc.); and are due May 1st, 2019. They will be shared, to allow for feedback and comments prior to the session.
  3. The roundtable session will be divided into 45 minutes of breakout groups, along designated topics (culled from participants’ responses); followed by 45 minutes of discussion comprised of the presentation of key ‘action items’ by each group and an open conversation.
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