Looking Back Queerly: Performing Buddies in Bad Times 40th Anniversary

“Looking Back Queerly: Performing Buddies in Bad Times 40th Anniversary”
Organizer: Cameron Crookston, The University of Toronto
Contact e-mail: Cameron Crookston (ccrookston113@gmail.com)

Call for proposals
Deadline: 31 January, 2019

The 2018-2019 Theatre Season marks the 40th anniversary of Buddies and Times Theatre, making it the longest-running LGBTQ+ theatre company in the world. Buddies’ Anniversary season features a mix of remounting recent production, staged readings of classics and new works that unite Buddies history with both the present and future of queer theatre. This roundtable invites scholars whose research has engaged with productions, artists or other aspects of Buddies in Bad Times, to contribute papers to a discussion on how this anniversary season engages theatrical history and queer historiography.

In addition to reflecting on the history of Buddies itself, this roundtable will examine how a season of programming takes up the task of performing a history and the degree to which a theatre company itself performs its own history on and off stage. This roundtable will contribute to scholarly conversations of theatre historiography, the performance of history and memory, and Canadian LGBTQ+ Theatre history.

Two weeks prior to the conference, selected participants will be asked to submit a paper of 2,000 words. Participants will have a chance to read each other’s work to brainstorm questions and themes for discussion. At the roundtable, each participant will have a maximum of five minutes to summarize and contextualize their paper, followed by forty minutes of moderated discussion between panellists. In the final twenty minutes, we will open the floor to questions for the audience for further discussion.

Please send 200 word paper proposals by 31 January, 2019 to Cameron Crookston (ccrookston113@gmail.com).

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