Using forum theatre to explore ethical boundaries and multiple relationships in the university setting

“Using forum theatre to explore ethical boundaries and multiple relationships in the university setting.”
Organizer: Rebecca Harries
Contact e-mail: Rebecca Harries (

Call for participants
Deadline: 31 January, 2019

Research framework: Two streams of my practice as an educator and theatre worker principally inform this workshop.  First, active analysis and improvisation are tools for the performer to investigate and discover the world, core ideas, and relationships before selecting the score for performance.  Second, educators lack resources to navigate the conflicts and multiple roles that arise from work in the university context.  Professional conduct is typically dealt with in policy, but this is imposed hierarchically; and official policy is often disconnected with cultural practices. By using a version of forum theatre, originally developed by Augusto Boal, and collaborating with Catherine Tracy (Classics) and Eliza McKnight (Library), we developed a workshop to engage members of the university in active analysis of the types of problems and situations that may be intractable to policy: hiring a student as babysitter; being Facebook friends with students; student faculty friendships.

Structure of the ninety-minute workshop:

  • Icebreaker and warm-up: 15 minutes
  • Boundary Map: 15 minutes
  • Scenarios and Forum Theatre 45 minutes
  • Debriefing and Questions 15 minutes

Number of Participants: 15-16 is ideal. Observers are welcome.

Interested participants should submit a brief bio and explanation of their interest in the roundtable by 31 January, 2019. Please submit this material to Rebecca Harries (

Researchers: Dr. Rebecca Harries (Bishop’s University Drama), Dr. Catherine Tracy (Bishop’s University Classics), Eliza McKnight (Bishop’s University Librarian).

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